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What To Do After Winning The Lottery

Friday, January 31st, 2020

At some point, we’ve all thought about what we would do if we won the lottery. Even if you’ve never played, the thought is almost impossible to ignore whenever you hear about someone winning tens (or even hundreds) of millions of dollars. With all that money at stake, it’s tempting to see past the overwhelming odds and towards the glimmers of hope that stir up all kinds of emotions. Of course everybody would like to have more money, and there is simply no other way to potentially make so much money with so little effort. Because of this, it’s easy to get sucked into the fantasy of winning.

So we focus on all the things we would buy and all the problems that would go away. We think about the happiness and excitement of being able to afford everything we’ve ever wanted as well as the relief of never having to worry about money again. We focus on all the reasons people play the lottery in the first place, but that’s usually where most people stop thinking. Satta It’s far less exciting to think about the more practical concerns associated with winning the lottery, and there seems to be little reason to worry about potential burdens we will probably never encounter.

However, even greater than the probability of any given individual failing to win the lottery jackpot is the likelihood that someone eventually will win it. And of the select few people who are fortunate enough to fall into that category, even fewer are likely to be prepared for what comes next. And what comes next is nothing short of a whole new life with a whole new set of concerns.

Most people have had their entire lifetime to adapt to the idea of having too little money, but far fewer know how to handle a sudden excess of it. I hesitate to use the term “too much money,” but when the amount is so large that a person is unable to maintain control of it, that is essentially what it becomes. Now of course, the average person is unlikely to feel much sympathy for a recent lottery winner. But it is worth noting that a staggeringly high percentage of people’s lives have actually been ruined by winning the lottery. Aside from countless examples of winners going bankrupt, many have also developed various addictions and destructive habits, several have taken their own lives, and a few have even been murdered.

Clearly, the simple act of winning the lottery is not what determines the outcome of that person’s life. Instead, it is the way that person handles the event which ultimately affects their general well-being. We all inherently understand that simply playing the lottery does not guarantee great wealth, but it is equally important to realize that simply winning it fails to guarantee a greater level of happiness. Rather, it can only provide the opportunity to obtain a better life. Ultimately, the winner must control the money, not the other way around.

One of the best ways to maintain control is to plan and prepare before anything has a chance to get out of hand. This means that extensive precautions must be taken before that winning lotto ticket is ever redeemed. Despite great anticipation, there is certainly no need to rush off to the lottery commission right after winning. In fact, most lotteries give winners several months (not days) to claim their prize. If treated properly, this time can prove to be nearly as valuable as the ticket itself.

Coffee Maker Reviews Help You in Finding Your Best Coffee Maker

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Who knew there were so many styles and varieties of coffee makers? We have come a very long way from the time my grandmother and yours boiled the coffee over the open fire in the hearth. Choosing a coffee maker to fit your lifestyle is a big deal.

Now we have one cup coffee makers,2-cup coffee makers, and 4-cup coffee makers, 10 and 12 cup coffee makers and espresso machines that offer 4 oz cups of espresso for the coffee connoisseur. There are coffee makers that do everything for you, almost even to washing the cup when you are finished – but not quite. There are coffee makers that just simply can not have your coffee ready when you wake up in the morning – you actually have to go and push the button before you get your coffee. And there are coffee makers for the in between crowd. So how do you choose a coffee maker?

Choosing the Budget

For people for whom money is an object to consider, the first thing you will need to do is determine your budget for a coffee maker. Choosing a coffee maker that will break your bank account is not a wise decision; but choosing a coffee maker that is inexpensive just because it is inexpensive may not be a wise decision either.

How much coffee do you drink and how much money do you spend at the neighborhood coffee stand? Some of the low end coffee makers may cost the same as you already spend in a week at the coffee shop just down the street. Probably, you can afford to spend a little more and get a few more features in your coffee maker. You don’t want to end up buying a coffee maker but still stopping 2-3 times a day at the coffee stand for that specialty coffee you like so much but your machine can’t make. When choosing your coffee maker, make sure that it is adequate to meet your needs. Some simply want a cup of coffee in the morning before work and when they finish that cup, they are finished for the day. There’s no need to buy the most expensive machine for one cup of coffee per day.

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Choosing the Brand

What brand stands out in your mind as a really great brand? Do they help people you would like to help out of their earnings? Is the brand well-made? Is it important to you where the coffee machine is manufactured? Is there anything important about the brand that would cause you to choose the coffee maker over another coffee maker?

Usually, every brand offers some sort of history about itself on their website which we have tried to summarize on our website. Find out the information you want to know and choose a brand you would like to buy. Choose the coffee maker from among their offerings that will fit your lifestyle and your needs.

Choosing the Type of Coffeemaker and Its Features

What type of coffee maker would you like to own? Do you want a machine that will serve enough coffee for guests? Do you want a machine that makes tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and hot water for soup? Do you want a machine that dispenses one cup of coffee at a time and allows the user to choose from a variety of flavors and options? Choosing the coffee maker that best fits your needs will work best when you know how much space you have for the machine and what features interest you the most.

ESL Writing – Essay Writing Skills For ESL Students – Sample Essays Corrected and Explained

Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Essay writing has always been a challenge for students of ESL, and indeed there is a lot of instructional material available that teaches essay writing skills. However, there is one very effective method that is often overlooked, and that is learning from the writing mistakes of other students. Learning from mistakes is a powerful way of reinforcing in our minds the correct approach, and learning from the mistakes of others is an age old wisdom that saves us from the frustration and pain of committing our own mistakes. Better still, by examining the written essays of other students, we are constantly reminded of the same kinds of mistakes we are often prone to, and gain new ideas along the way.

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What is even more helpful is to study another student’s written essay, corrected and all grammatical mistakes painstakingly explained by the teacher. It is like taking a peek into the written essays of the top students of your class and getting valuable insights into the secrets of their writing success. However, we may not always have opportunities as such, and it is for this reason that we try to make available written essays by ESL students in a way that you will find useful.

There is a methodical approach to how we can get the most out of these essays.

1) Study the original essays and try to spot the mistakes.
2) Compare your findings with our corrected version.
3) Understand the comments and explanations.
4) Try to write your own essays.

These essays are not meant as a substitute for having a good fundamental understanding of grammar and writing structure. These essays are to be considered as supplementary material and should be used as a complement to your existing ESL curriculum at school.

Danny Ding is an ESL teacher from Taichung City, Taiwan.

Constructing Your Marketing Funnel

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Creating an online business requires focus and clarity. It also requires constructing a marketing sales structure known as a “marketing funnel.” Since the Internet is a vast potential source of traffic, you must find a way to cut through the noise and find your target audience. Once you have your target niche clearly in mind, here are the four general steps needed to construct your marketing funnel and make a sale, find a customer or sign up a new business partner.

Image a funnel where the top is wider than the bottom. The wider top represents the flood of potential customers that must enter your sales process. Traffic can be driven into the funnel with paid advertising or content on the web (blogs, websites, and social media). As soon as a prospect enters your funnel, you immediately need to capture their contact information with a form or lead capture page. In order for them to be willing to give you their contact information, you must have something of value to give them first. After you deliver the value you promised, they will go into your database of contacts (your list), so now you can market to them throughout the funnel process.

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Front-End Offer
Your front-end offer is usually a free offer. It might be an e-book, report, or 20-minute free consultation. The point is to offer something for free that they want. Once they consume this free-offer, you can immediately offer them an upsell at the checkout. This upsell can be a low-cost product or mid-range product. It depends on the market you are addressing. Remember to always give them what they are looking for. What you don’t want to do at this point is offer your primary (more costly) product. Save this for later after you have delivered value and built a relationship with a foundation of trust.

Back-End Offer
Since the prospect is in your database, by now you should have set up a series of automated emails that are scheduled to be delivered to their inbox by your auto-responder. These emails are intended to deepen your relationship with the prospects as you continue to give value. You will be delivering free training (videos, pdf files, etc.) that you know will benefit your target audience. After you have delivered sufficient value, at this point you can offer your primary product or service. They will be much more likely to buy from you at this point. In fact, they will thank you for the offer. The primary offer might be your company’s high-end product, business opportunity, or full-length training program.

Math Education – A Challenge And A Joy

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Don’t worry about your difficulties with math, Albert Einstein is said to have told a schoolgirl who wrote to him to lament her lack of success in the subject – “Mine,” he wrote, “are still greater.” Like many of Einstein’s off-the-cuff remarks, this one contains a profound truth. Math is the sort of subject that increases in complexity the more you understand it; as the diameter of your knowledge grows, so does the circumference of your ignorance.

Some educators see this expanding difficulty as a hurdle to overcome, but in fact, it’s exactly the quality that causes many young people to fall in love with math. After all, a young football player’s love of the game often increases in proportion to the toughness of the competition; and video game fans actively seek out greater difficulty – the only game they won’t play is the one that fails to increase in difficulty with each level cleared. The fact is that children love to solve problems; the problem – and opportunity – lies in the fact that schools often fail to tap into this intellectual curiosity, and sometimes even stultify it.

Why, then, do so many students experience math as a chore? Cambridge mathematician Timothy Gowers suggests one possible answer in his Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction, in answering the question “Why do so many people positively dislike mathematics.” He writes: “Probably it is not so much mathematics itself that people find unappealing as the experience of mathematics lessons – because mathematics continually builds on itself, it is important to keep up when learning it.” (His comment will ring true to anyone who remembers endless third-grade drills on the multiplication tables.) Standardized instruction and memorization of these details has to move at a certain plodding pace, which leaves some students bored and others, who are slower to grasp a concept, frustrated.

mental math

“Those who are not ready to make the necessary conceptual leap when they meet one of these [new] ideas will feel insecure about all the mathematics that builds on it,” Gowers writes. “Gradually they will get used to only half understanding what their mathematics teachers say, and after a few more missed leaps they will find that even half is an overestimate. Meanwhile, they will see others in their class who are keeping up with no difficulty at all. It is no wonder that mathematics lessons become, for many people, something of an ordeal.”

But Gowers sees hope for even the most frustrated student, writing, “I am convinced that any child who is given one-to-one tuition in mathematics from an early age by a good and enthusiastic teacher will grow up liking it..

How To Build Your Knowledge In Digital Marketing With Online Courses, Easy Steps To Follow

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Finally I found a way to convert my knowledge in traditional marketing into digital marketing skills.

You will be surprised if you know how easy and fun it is.

I want to take you through my personal experience, it won’t be long, don’t worry.

I came from Italy two years ago, after I finished my degree course in marketing.

I wanted to find more job opportunities in England, because I think here every business is marketing orientated and as you can’t do marketing without knowing English.

I though that with my degree I could find some profession in marketing.

Although I have done many job interviews with different companies and agencies I didn’t find the right role for me.

I realize that, the skills that the companies wants now are different from the skills that I have learnt during my degree course, for the reason that all the companies are digital orientated.

I decided then to find a way to learn how to get into digital.

I am going to share with you how to switch your knowledge from traditional into digital, all the information I give you come from my personal experience, so are already tested.

So let me give you a quick guide on how to covert your traditional marketing education into digital.

When we are done you will know exactly how to start looking for a real improvement in your career. Ready? Let’s start.

Step 1

Search on Google for a course that allows you to learn both theoretical and practical knowledge.

With a Google search with the right keywords you will find a lot of courses, for example you could search for ‘digital marketing course plus internship’, or ‘digital marketing course for graduates’.

When you think you found the course that fits for you, read some reviews to make sure you are doing the right choice, you can call their costumer service to let them explain how the course is structured.

When you find the course that satisfy your needs you can start to convert your traditional skills into digital skills.

Based on my persona experience, I found the ‘ Osborne training’ digital marketing course, it was exactly what I was looking for, a course organised in two sections, the live class section and a period of internship with a digital marketing agency.

Step 2

When you start the course you will understand the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, exploring the basis of digital marketing and the main tools to become a digital marketer.

According to my experience after the course enrolment I started the online live classes with a private tutor who guided me from the marketing basis to the search engine marketing, digital marketing tools to advertise a company and the marketing strategy to build a business.

website design company

I have learnt how to use tools such as Google AdWords, Google AdSense, Facebook Ads and how to create and send marketing e-mails.

With the knowledge of this tools you can now boldly get into the digital marketing world, the more you practice and the more you better understand how to deal with the different scenarios you would face.

Are Travel Agents Old School?

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

It appears you can’t stare at the TV for 60 minutes without seeing a notice with William Shatner discussing Travelocity or that senseless dwarf discussing Orbitz. These travel sites have been extremely effective at encouraging voyagers to book their own particular carrier and lodging reservations on the web. So with this colossal push from the web to assume control over the travel business, one needs to ask, “Are travel agents old school?”

In the event that you have searched for some of these travel web sites, you have watched that they are stunning in the assorted qualities of travel choices that they make accessible. As a business traveler, be that as it may, your requirements are fairly unique in relation to the run of the mill aircraft traveler.

There are some certain administrations and genuine help that a living and breathing travel agent can give that basically can’t be duplicated by a computerized site like Travelocity or Orbitz. Some of those administrations that a prepared business traveler would be unable to live without having…

A Travel Agent will give you…

– Focus. You as a business traveler are not orchestrating this excursion for excitement. You have particular business goals as a main priority. So on the off chance that you should remove time from planning for your business assignment to stress over travel agendas, lodging and rental auto reservations and so forth, that is time that you are not being beneficial for your business.

When you get the chance that you can call a skilled travel agent who knows your travel profile well and delegate those courses of action to that agent, they carry out their occupation in finding only the right facilities for you and you are liberated to do what you excel at, spotlight on your business and the up and coming business trip.


– Economy. It is hard to find that harmony between finding the housing that fit the requesting timetable of a businessman out and about and is conscious of the organizations travel spending plan too.

On the off chance that you utilize a computerized online travel administration, you may need to relinquish accommodation, timetable or area for economy.

A decent travel agent will endeavor to get you the right schedule while getting as close the corporate travel cost confinements as would be prudent. Furthermore, they will do it without taking up a considerable measure of your time.

– Back up. You needn’t bother with help if your excursion goes totally as arranged. Be that as it may, in the event that you experience issues out and about, you can wind up in need or rescheduling flights and finding new lodging to work around scratched off flights, climate issues or other surprising intrusions to your arrangements.

These travel debacles are not aware of your tight due dates to meet your business objectives. In any case, you have a travel agent who is committed to giving you administration, he or she can locate those option courses and assets to do whatever they can to get you to your destination so you can direct your business on time.

Towing Companies Offer Safety of Your Vehicles

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

A towing company must certainly present you with speedy services needed in towing and also with extra help required like emergency services when you have a flat tire, battery run out, car lock out etc. These services provided are good but the most important consideration during towing is safety. Safety for your car and you and your family. Towing is the process of pulling or drawing behind a chain, or some other form of coupling that is the most obviously performed by road vehicles.

Every person has required a tow truck at some point or another. Whether it was a flat tire and a lost spare or a fender splurge, tow trucks have helped us all out of a jamb by safely transporting our vehicle to a repair shop. But many people don’t realize that towing companies offer more than just a raise when your car is disabled. From roadside support to flat-bed towing, your local towing provider offers a several helpful services. By keeping an eye out for these towing problems, you should be able to avoid damage to your vehicle.

In addition to tow truck services, most towing companies provide complete roadside assistance. When towing your vehicle it is compulsory to use safety chains to make sure that your vehicle ruins coupled to the towing truck. It ensures the protection of the vehicle and is also keeps you permissible. When you’re using safety chains make sure to check that the chains are crossed underneath the tongue of the trailer, this makes sure that even if the trailer were to get disconnected from the glitch it will not be separated from the tow truck. Several offer 24-hour help, so in the middle of the night-when roadside assistance is most important-they’ll be there to lend a hand.

There are lots of safety considerations to appropriately towing a car, trailer or travel trailer starting with vehicle towing capacity and ranging throughout equalizer hitches to suitably and officially connecting the safety chains as well. Emergency roadside assistance services are usually intended to help drivers with familiar problems like:

Flat tires
Empty gas tanks
Dead batteries
Lock outs

Roadside assistance from your local towing service can help decrease your nervousness during tense roadside breakdowns as well as help keep you safe. For those minor emergencies when your vehicle is temporarily out of action, they’ll get your car going again and get you back on the road.


When you need a tow truck, it’s important to only use an expert, reputable service. The study of towing troubles included responses from trailer owners across the state and found that while the majority of vehicle owners believe they know what they are doing when it comes to towing.Carefully check that you have everything that you will need to tow your car properly. This includes making sure that the hitch you are using is the correct one for your vehicle as well as the load restrictions are according to law that must match up.

5 Stewardship Bible Verses for Daily Sustenance

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

We must interpret Bible verses in context and realize it is God’s will we seek, not ours. Stewardship Bible verses or other Bible verses are significant to followers of Jesus because they could guide them to the abundant life that Jesus promised.

Christians are stewards of God’s resources. We become better stewards when we learn to deal God’s way with anxiety, trust, temptation, people, and when we confess our sins to Jesus regularly.

Memorizing Bible verses helps us handle daily life-issues God’s way. That’s why I was thrilled, though astonished, when I discovered in an attic, five stewardship Bible verses dealing with anxiety, trust, temptation, people, and confession.

Shortly after I surrendered my life to Jesus the Messiah in 1985, I had a vision of an attic with five large colored boxes. Each box had a huge bold letter from the word attic. Below each letter was a word beginning with that letter, and a Bible verse. Many mornings as I jogged, this picture became more lucid.

One morning about 5:00 AM while jogging in Brisbane, Australia, the picture of the attic was so vivid I returned to my hotel to try to process what was happening. At the hotel, I transcribed the vision.

As I reflected on this vision, I realized it referred to my daily walk with Jesus. It seemed to be the base for a structured way to have extra time with the Lord. I sensed my attic was a way for me to withdraw regularly to see God’s hand in the moment.

These are five words on five boxes in my attic, each with its stewardship Bible verse:

  1. Anxiety – Philippians 4:6-7
  2. Trust – Proverbs 3:5-6
  3. Temptation – 1 Corinthians 10:13
  4. Inner Focus – 1 Samuel 16: 6-7
  5. Confession – 1 John 1:9


Two to three times daily I check to inspirational quotes see whether events are overtaking me, and I am becoming, or am anxious. Perhaps I am in a stressful meeting, or working to a tight deadline.

When I sense anxiety, I withdraw to a quiet place, often the bathroom, and mull over Philippians 4:6-7. These verses remind me not to be anxious but pray, be thankful to God, give him my concerns, and he will give me a profound peace.

I present my situation to God, ask him to help me accept where I am, what I have, and give me peace to deal with it. The goal is his peace, not a solution to the issue. Recalling these verses several times daily, praying and believing them help me see alternatives. It is difficult to evaluate situations when tensed and anxious.

Expect The Optimum GMAT Coaching In Thane

Monday, January 27th, 2020

There are countless students who join business colleges. Are you aspiring to become a successful business professional? The first step you need to take up is to crack GMAT. Every student who aspires to become a business entrepreneur has to appear for GMAT and get good scores in the exam. All you need is an experienced coaching institute which can provide you top class training in GMAT. You do not have to look for any other coaching classes when there is a top-rated coaching centre for your at your fingertips. Get the best GMAT coaching in Thane from the trusted institute which offers quality coaching in GMAT. If you stay in Thane, then you can either attend the classes directly, join private tutoring, or you can have online coaching. Do you wish to know more about the GMAT coaching of the institute? Glance through the following lines to know the answer.


Highlight on GMAT


Basically, GMAT is the graduate management admission test. This test is given on a computer. The motto of taking the GMAT is to evaluate a student’s reasoning and critical thinking which are essential for MBA. There are four sections in GMAT. Every student has to give analytical writing assessment within 30 minutes, integrated reasoning of 30 minutes, verbal skills test and quantitative analysis of 62 minutes and critical analysis test of 65 minutes.


Get trained in GMAT


The GMAT coaching in Thane has helped countless students to secure good scores in the GMAT exam. The coaching institute has many branches all over India. The mentors of the coaching centre are knowledgeable and proficient in their jobs. The simplified methodology helps students learn GMAT course with ease. Moreover, students can learn at their own pace. The study materials are prepared by the teachers who have years of experience in their respective fields. The mock tests will boost your confidence. Students will have to give mock tests in the computer laboratory of the institute. You can get access in the library of the coaching centre.


Superior GMAT preparation


The GMAT coaching in Thane helps students clear GMAT exam in the first attempt. There are 66 hours of classroom training. You can clear your doubts pertaining to the GMAT course as many times as you want. There will be 140 hours of pre-and post-class webinars which will strengthen the concepts of GMAT. An in-depth study plan will be provided to all GMAT candidates. The study plan can be customized as per the requirements of students. The entire GMAT training will be one year.


Types of GMAT coaching


GMAT coaching in Thane offers four types of coaching such as live classes, classroom training, private tutoring and online training. If you are unable to join live classes, then you can opt for the online GMAT training. Along with interactive sessions, free information webinars will be catered to the students. Pay affordable fees for availing GMAT coaching in the institute.


Expect the best training in GMAT from the leading coaching centre. Follow the course properly to notch high scores in GMAT.